[FFmpeg-user] how ffmpeg use network streaming as input?

Michael Shaffer mikeshaffer at gmail.com
Sat Jul 14 04:34:03 EEST 2018

Hi, I'm not exactly sure what problem you're having. However I am streaming
from IP cameras to youtube live. This is the command I'm using. Maybe this
will help you..

c:\ffmpeg\bin\ffmpeg3.exe -re -rtsp_transport tcp -i "rtsp://
admin:admin at" -f lavfi -f dshow
-rtbufsize 2000M -thread_queue_size 5096 -i audio="virtual-audio-capturer"
-c:a libmp3lame -ab 128k -ar 44100 -c:v copy -threads 0 -bufsize 512k -f
flv "rtmp://a.rtmp.youtube.com/live2/7ddp-1234-5678-f3ff"

I have six cameras total. I renamed ffmpeg.exe to ffmpeg1.exe, ffmpeg2.exe,
ffmpeg3.exe, ffmpeg4.exe, ffmpeg5.exe and ffmpeg6.exe. This allows me to
terminate and restart each camera individually by looking at their process
name (in Windows 10). I made a separate program in C# that looks at the
bandwidth being used and determines if one of the processes has locked up.
It then restarts all of them.

On Fri, Jul 13, 2018 at 3:07 AM, zhangkai.gis <zhangkai.gis at 163.com> wrote:

> Hi,
>      I am a newbie to ffmpeg.I want ffmpeg to convert H.264 stream to
> rtmp.I googled it.But I always find regular file as ffmpeg's input.but my
> input is a stream,the stream is H.264's I frame,P frame.How can I use the
> stream as ffmpeg's input?
>      PS: I have many device cameras.these cameras send its video and audio
> to my server through RTP. I parse the packages and recollect it to H.264's
> Frame.Then I want to send the network stream to media server(nginx+rtmp).So
> I have the problem above.Any good ideas?
> Thanks in advance
> zhangkai
> 2018-7-13
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