[FFmpeg-user] How to compile ffmpeg on Android

Rafael Lima ragpl07 at gmail.com
Sat Jul 14 20:37:42 EEST 2018

I think you are creating too much expectations about android devices
running ffmpeg tasks.

I dont know what you planning to do but by my personal experience
benchmarking ffmpeg on android says you should not expect much than working
with small media and not much processing...

Android has very scrict limitations about memory for background process and
it will probably cut you out at maximum 50mb (even lower depending of which
device is running).

plus your apks will grows with ffmpeg binaries and nobody likes to install
an app which is listed on google play with 40mb, unless you know it is a
good app

and last but not least, if you are planning to encode:
- you will likely get something around 1x if using fastest preset for any
kind of video
- using normal preset will reduce your encode speed to around 0.1x to 0.3x

 i've tested in some devices including samsung s8

im not trying to tell you is not going to work... just giving my personal
experience because even if you used to ffmpeg, maybe on android devices
google MediaCodec library will fit better to your needs without all
aditional complication of cross-compiling

On Sat, Jul 14, 2018 at 8:27 AM, Mohammed Bey Ahmed Khernache <
mohbeyinfo at gmail.com> wrote:

> >  The make it work, you need to have libSDL2 available.
> libSDL2 must be installed on the host machine (where I am building), or on
> the target machine (Android)?
> >  Is ffplay of any use to you on android? Do you expect it to play on the
> > Android device's screen? (I'm not saying that's ruled out - I just
> > have big doubts.)
> I need *ffplay*, because when decoding a video it gives how many frames are
> dropped. This is an important metric I need to evaluate video decoding.
> I don't know whether I can get this information using *ffmpeg *or not.
> Best regards
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Rafael Lima

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