[FFmpeg-user] MPEGTS packet size mismatch error on live transcoding

Pedro Daniel Costa portalnet2 at outlook.com.br
Sun Jul 15 04:33:32 EEST 2018

Hi guys

I have another issue now..

I have live transcoding platform running just fine, I have installed ffmpeg on same machine for testing purposes

I have ffserver all configured for transcoding the live channel which works fine, on the same machine I can transcode it without any issues..

So I have setup a 2nd machine server with 10x more CPU cores, which sits on the same network multicast group, from the multicast platform running on main machine server.

On the 2nd machine server setup with ffmpeg I can fire up ffserver and start the live transcoding stream using ffmpeg -i udp://239.1xx.xxx.xx:port  http://ip-public-ipv4:port/channelname.ffm

It starts ok and I can pick the stream URL to play the channel, but the channel freezes and pixelates every second with a lot of audio glitches also..

I don't know what to do, because on the same main pc server if I fire up ffmpeg to live transcode the channel multicast being sent fro my iptv platform, the transcode channel works perfect without any issue.

But If I start ffmpeg on different machine on same route group 224.. channel glitches like hell using the same exact config.

Anyone have any ideas about this? I am using switch with multicast enabled..

I did a TCPdump also and I can see on local PC2 transcoder the multicast packets arriving UDP with 1316 size which is the correct size.

But some how on the logs from PC2 transcoder all I can see is warnings and errors PES packet size mismatch...

Any help please

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