[FFmpeg-user] Multi-Channel Audio Limitations?

privatebrowser benjamin.spence at icloud.com
Fri Jul 13 09:46:56 EEST 2018


This is more of an open question about standards in general and what FFmpeg
can and cannot do.

Is there a codec (that FFmpeg supports), that will allow me to combine a
series of audio files into a singular multi-channel file /that can exceed 8

For example, if I am interfacing with a system that has 20 outputs, is it
possible to consolidate those 20 mono files into a singular 20 channel file?

I'm trying to write a small guide for some people at my work who may need to
ingest multiple audio files, consolidate them into a singular file and then
merge that file with a video for playback off of a media server,
specifically QLab so I am primarily working with Apple efficient codecs.

This may be just a standardization limitation, but to my knowledge I see no
reason why I couldn't playback a file with 8+ embedded discrete channels. 

If anyone has any input or advice on this I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you. 

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