[FFmpeg-user] ffmpeg audio distortion using blackmagic

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Wed Jul 18 19:11:35 EEST 2018

Hello everybody

I have problems capturing a sdi flow with ffmpeg, I'm using a blackmagic
mini recorder pro, after a while of working the capture the audio is
distorted and the only way to fix it is to restart ffmpeg.

this is my pipeline
/usr/local/bin/ffmpeg -re -loglevel 48 -format_code pal -f decklink -i
DeckLink Mini Recorder -audio_input embedded -video_input sdi -vcodec
libx264 -crf 22 -preset:v veryfast -b:v 900k -pix_fmt yuv420p -acodec
libfdk_aac -ab 64k -ar 48000 -ac 2 -s 640x360 -f flv rtmp://

I add an audio capture that is distorted from the second 10.
I will grow any help you can offer me.

Thanks in advance
King regards


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