[FFmpeg-user] Best option for live stream

hans gerte hansoggerte at gmail.com
Fri Jul 20 14:20:06 EEST 2018

Hi all.
need some advise on parameters for live streaming.
This is currently my string, it takes the stream from tvheaedned:
need to lower the bitstream as im sending the stream over wan. but the
problem that i have, is that it uses a lot of cpu and sometimes the picture
isn't smooth.. have seen some using minbitrate and maxbittrate. but dont
really understand what and how to use it. plus others ar using crt 24 or
fast..slow and so on

so i like to get your opinion or suggestion on what your using for

ffmpeg -f mpegts -i
http://username:password@ -vcodec
libx264 -vb 1000k -acodec aac -ar 48000 -ab 48k -f flv

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