[FFmpeg-user] Colour metadata not preserved when re-encoding ProRes/mov to FFV1/mkv

Reto Kromer lists at reto.ch
Wed Jul 25 16:56:57 EEST 2018

Kieran O Leary wrote:

>Reto: Can you elaborate on the multiplication that you mention?
>I'm assuming that this is not just the increase in file size
>that you mention,

I guess, that's the more "visible" aspect for many archives.

(I used the term "multiplication" (in quotation marks), because
it's more that just an addition.)

>but perhaps you're referring to losslessly
>compressing a proprietary lossy codec and ending up with
>something that could be more complex than is necessary?

For example the increased complexity slows down the workflows.
If you have just a few of those files, then it doesn't really
hurt; but if there are PB, then it does make a difference in
terms of needed time and/or infrastructure. I have included
ProRes and QuickTime issues in presentations during the last
year or so, and an article will possibly be published by the
IASA Journal.

>I think even
>if we go ahead with this normalisation of our legacy in-house
>created material, applying it to potential ProRes
>donations/deposits would be a different conversation..

My concern is about "ProRes-born" materials. For example many
video artists have used or are still using this way to create.
Or low-budget productions. In all those situations ProRes is the
best possible quality.

I would also be interested in knowing the ratio, let's say,
between ProRes 4444 and DPX productions which are currently
screened as DCP in theatres.

Best regards, Reto

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