[FFmpeg-user] Anyone having success capturing hours of 4k video, reliably and with low loss, using ffmpeg?

Bryce McLeod bryce.mcleod at codory.com
Tue Jul 31 12:43:21 EEST 2018

Its not 4k but on one of our systems we regularly capture on the same
machine from an sdi source 8-12hours of 3 x 1080p25 streams in lossess h264
using ffmpeg, all 3 outputs going to spinning disk on 5 year old hardware.
There is enough headroom that a 4th would be easily possible with newer
hardware, so I'd say 4k is well doable (though it would make sense to use

Bryce McLeod

Codory Software Limited
email: bryce.mcleod at codory.com

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