[FFmpeg-user] Trouble executing a command

C Colutions ccolutions111 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 2 12:33:46 EET 2018


Im trying to use ffmpeg library for android to concat a list of images into
a video. The command i am using is

-y, -r, 22, -f, concat, -safe, 0, -i,
/storage/emulated/0/TestDirectory/TempImages/img%03d.jpg, -crf, 20, -c:v,
libx264, -preset, ultrafast, -pix_fmt, yuv420p, -ac, 2,

But im getting the following error (the images are there in the input

/storage/emulated/0/TestDirectory/TempImages/img%03d.jpg: No such file or

Thanks for the help.

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