[FFmpeg-user] Best way to transmit an audio stream without loss of compression of a linux computer under windows with FFMPEG

Olivier SCHMITT sc.olivier at gmail.com
Fri Mar 2 19:32:50 EET 2018

Hello Dear FFMPEG users.

I am writing today to get your opinion on how to send an audio stream
without loss of compression, from one linux station to another windows.

I am currently working as a ham radio on a decoding station.
For that we have a linux server or we recover radio streams that we pass
in audio format, hence the loss of compression.

After much research, I finally find the use of ffmpeg under linux and
vlc under windows with the following commands:

ffmpeg -ar 192000 -ac 2 -sample_fmt S16_LE -f alsa -i
hw:CARD=lloop11,DEV=1  -c copy -f wav udp://

vlc.exe -I dummy --demux=rawaud --rawaud-channels=2
--rawaud-samplerate=192000 --aout=waveout --waveout-audio-device="wloop5
(Virtual Audio Cable) ($1,$64)" udp://@:10000

I searched so much because I was struggling to find how to select the
sound card output windows.

My questions are:

1. According to you, are these orders appropriate?
2. Is the option -c copy really without loss of compression?
3.Wav format on udp is it good?
4. Is the vlc side good?

5.DsnoopBug, this ffmpeg command works fine on a hw or plughw but when i
use it on a dsnoop on the vlc side i have this error without stopping
and the sound is achected from the insertion of chuncks to zeros, Do you
have an idea about this problem?:

main warning: playback way too early (-148503): playing silence
main debug: inserting 28512 zeroes

Thanks in advance dear all!

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