[FFmpeg-user] Setting framerate per frame

Michiel Sikma michiel at sikma.org
Sun Mar 4 22:51:39 EET 2018

Hi all,

I'm working on a script that converts user made animations into gif files.
Currently I'm doing the following, which works: https://gist.github.

However, it's not entirely what I want. These animations have user defined
frame durations. So for example, an animation might have 4 frames, with the
first three being 40ms long (25 fps), and the last one being 150ms long
(6.667 fps).

I can't figure out if it's possible to rewrite my script in such a way that
I can indicate the exact times. I also eventually want to generate webm
files, so I'm hoping whatever the answer is can be reused for that end as
Would be really grateful for any help you can give.


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