[FFmpeg-user] Translation to ffmpeg of Handbrake (GUI) settings?

Joel Roth joelz at pobox.com
Mon Mar 5 05:58:53 EET 2018

Hi Philip,

Philip Courier wrote:
> The result from a 2-pass encode in Handbrake is splendid, but I would like to do the same encode
> The ffmpeg supplied by dnf from rpmfusion-free is unusable, it gives the error message:
> ERROR: libx264 not found
> but the ffmpeg I compiled 
[fails to build]

I found a static ffmpeg build here:


I'm not sure if it's been discussed on the list, but it
appears to meet my needs.

> I wonder if someone can provide the pass 1 and pass 2
> ffmpeg command lines equivalent to the
> following Handbrake settings, which have proven successful in my encode:

I ported my compression workflow from handbrake-gui to
ffmpeg some time ago, however it was a somewhat painful
manual process of cross referencing. By documenting your
handbrake parameters, you've done the first half of the

Now you just need to do the other half! I looked, and
found no easier solution than checking your
parameter list against the ffmpeg docs to find
corresponding options. 

Have fun,

Joel Roth

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