[FFmpeg-user] ffplay RTSP listen mode with UDP

Roee Kashi galacap at gmail.com
Thu Mar 8 12:10:49 EET 2018


i'm trying to use RTSP to push video from client to server.
it works on TCP, but fails on UDP.

server side:
> ffplay.exe -rtsp_flags listen rtsp://

client side (TCP mode):
> ffmpeg.exe -re -i <file> -rtsp_flags prefer_tcp -f rtsp

cliend side (UDP mode):
> ffmpeg.exe -re -i <file> -f rtsp rtsp://SERVER_IP:14000/test

when I open the ffmpeg in the client side in TCP mode, everything works,
and i see the video stream in the server.
But when i open the ffmpeg in the client side in UDP mode, the server
writes an error:
"bind failed error number -10048" (already in use)

to try and investigate this problem a little bit, i set RTSP min port in
the server to 6001.
the result was the same, yet i could see (using netstat) ffplay listening
on 6001 in UDP (and still writes the same binding error).

seems like something in the RTSP reverse mode is not fully compatible with
UDP mode, and it tries to bind the same port twice.

is there a workaround to this matter?

tested with Zeranoe build 20180307-5ab0ecf


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