[FFmpeg-user] RTMP Timeout

Marcel Grandemange marcel at antfarm.co.za
Thu Mar 8 18:51:58 EET 2018

Good Day

Does anyone have a working example of a ffmpeg command that includes a
timeout for rtmp streams as an input?
In certain circumstances ffmpeg simply hangs indefinitely.

As an example:

ffmpeg -stimeout 10000 -t 10 -i
This hangs indefinitely as the -stimeout is meant for rtsp only

ffmpeg -stimeout 10000 -t 10 -i
Gives me following error, which is expected given the short value of
"rtsp:// Operation timed out"

However Even without the parameter it dies eventually, which is also the
experience with HLS/HTTP

It would seem that rtmp has a "bug" that causes indefinite hang and no way
to work around it?

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