[FFmpeg-user] ProRes encoding: Question about FFmpeg docs

Moritz Barsnick barsnick at gmx.net
Mon Mar 12 01:50:45 EET 2018

On Sun, Mar 11, 2018 at 09:33:29 +0100, Peter B. wrote:

> 2) Docs say "profile/quantmat" is "integer", but only list strings:
> ========================================
> [quote]
> profile integer
>     Select the ProRes profile to encode
>     ‘proxy’
>     ‘lt’
>     ‘standard’
>     ‘hq’
>     ‘4444’
>     ‘4444xq’

You can use the strings instead of numbers. I believe it used to be
*only* integers, nowadays strings mostly also map to the same values.
The docs could list the integers, but if they don't, I don't think it
matters. But I do understand your confusion.

You can (sometimes) see the mapping if you use "ffmpeg -h", e.g.

$ ffmpeg -h encoder=prores_ks
  -profile           <int>        E..V.... (from -1 to 5) (default auto)
     auto                         E..V....
     proxy                        E..V....
     lt                           E..V....
     standard                     E..V....
     hq                           E..V....
     4444                         E..V....
     4444xq                       E..V....

Those seven values map to -1 .. 5, in case you do want to use digits. I
don't see a reason for doing that though.


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