[FFmpeg-user] tiled overlay filter?

Bryan Huh bhh1988 at gmail.com
Tue Mar 13 03:30:11 EET 2018


I cannot figure out how to make ffmpeg overlay an image on a video in a
tiled fashion. Is it possible to do?

Suppose I have 1 image, and 1 video. I want to watermark the video with the
image, but multiple times in a regular tiled pattern. Say perhaps, I want
10 rows and 10 columns of the image, spaced evenly throughout the video. I
do not want to do this explicitly, listing out 100 different filter rules..

I was exploring the -tile filter for this, but the first obstacle I hit is
that the -tile filter seems to consume a frame per tile. I have no way of
saying I want to use the same static image for every tile.

Don't know if I should keep exploring ffmpeg's options or if I should just
try to create a tiled image before feeding it to ffmpeg.


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