[FFmpeg-user] hls_init_time problem

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Wed Mar 14 20:59:47 EET 2018

? ? wrote
> [hls @ 0x7fa2f1800000] pkt->duration = 0, maybe the hls segment duration
> will not precise 

I had the same warnings when creating HLS with ffmpeg.
The proble was that RTSP stream did not provide framerate information.

Specifing framerate before "-i ..." will fix it.
*-r 25* (-framerate 25)

ffmpeg -r 25 -i rtsp://localhost:554/11 -vcodec copy -acodec aac -hls_time 5
-hls_list_size 5 -hls_flags delete_segments /tmp/hls/stream.m3u8

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