[FFmpeg-user] How to extract DVD subtitle from this VOB file?

Carl Zwanzig cpz at tuunq.com
Fri Mar 16 03:14:11 EET 2018

On 3/15/2018 1:06 PM, Nicolas George wrote:
> Moritz Barsnick (2018-03-15):
>>    $ ffmpeg -i Downloads/TV/VTS_03_1.VOB -c copy -f null -
> Please stop giving that bad advice. Never access VOB files in DVD video
> structure directly.

Whyever not? They always work for me.

Please don't assume that the VOB file was copied directly from the DVD (as a 
1g file); tools like dvddecrypter will copy/decrypt/_concatenate_ all of a 
title's VOB files into a single one it names in the form VTS_nn_n.VOB.


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