[FFmpeg-user] osx, all checkasm tests fail

GA Alexander we.can.be.heroes at inbox.ru
Sat Mar 17 03:03:26 EET 2018


i've build ffmpeg on travis with osx and everything seems to build and want to run tests

make fate-rsync SAMPLES=$HOME/fate-suite is successful

make fate SAMPLES=$HOME/fate-suite, ALL checkasm tests fail
X86ASM tests/checkasm/x86/checkasm.o
STRIP tests/checkasm/x86/checkasm.o
LD tests/checkasm/checkasm
TEST checkasm-flacdsp
Test checkasm-flacdsp failed. Look at tests/data/fate/checkasm-flacdsp.err for details.
make: *** [tests/Makefile:221: fate-checkasm-flacdsp] Error 132

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