[FFmpeg-user] ./configure finish with fail

milan.konf at seznam.cz milan.konf at seznam.cz
Tue Mar 20 19:13:43 EET 2018

Hi all
first, ffmpeg is good job. Thank you.

When I try compile older version (from about 2018-01-14), all is OK but when
I try the newest version from git with the some params, configure is 
finished with error.

I have git-clone from 2018-03-20 (about 15 hours) and I try compile it with 
this params.
../ffmpeg/configure --enable-gpl --enable-version3 --enable-static --enable-
nonfree --enable-nvenc --enable-cuda --enable-cuvid --extra-cflags=-I../
cudautils --extra-ldflags=-L../cudautils
but configure is finished with error "ERROR: cuda requested, but not all 
dependencies are satisfied: ffnvcodec"

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