[FFmpeg-user] Skipping RTSP for RTP packets

Dave Shapiro dave at scoutalarm.com
Fri Mar 23 01:00:11 EET 2018

Hi -

I have a scenario where an IP camera is pushing up raw RTP data to the

Currently I am spawning an ffmpeg process and telling it to connect to my
server via RTSP. I then handle the handshake to setup the stream session.
Once I receive the PLAY request I start piping data from the camera socket
to the ffmpeg RTSP socket.

I would like to remove the RTSP part of this and just send the RTP packets
directly into the ffmpeg process.

I have not found any documentation for this, is this possible? If so, what
settings should I pass to the ffmpeg process so that it knows the data is

Thank you ahead of time for the help!

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