[FFmpeg-user] amid fails when there are more than 8 input channels (in one file)

Bouke / VideoToolShed bouke at videotoolshed.com
Wed May 2 17:04:46 EEST 2018

> On 02 May 2018, at 15:56, Paul B Mahol <onemda at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 5/2/18, Bouke / VideoToolShed <bouke at videotoolshed.com> wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> Strange thing, more than 8 channels give silent output:
>> ffmpeg -i 9Ch_orMore.WAV -filter_complex "[0:0][0:0]
>> amix=inputs=2,pan=mono|c0=c0+c1" -ac 1 mono.wav
>> gives on errors whatsoever, but output is silent.
>> Is this a bug or user error?
> User error, same as many typos you managed to make.

Hi Paul, (my new best friend),
We can continue in Dutch if you mind my typos. Would that be an option for you?

Now, since you can be bothered to read trough the nonsense I write, can you also be bothered to give a slight indication on where my command line does work for files with <9 channels but fails when input files are >8 channels?
Oh, don’t bother to be polite, I’m just trying to get the show on the road.


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