[FFmpeg-user] amid fails when there are more than 8 input channels (in one file)

Frédéric Busnel-Joncour fred.bj at free.fr
Wed May 2 17:18:57 EEST 2018

>> Hi all,
>>> Strange thing, more than 8 channels give silent output:
>>> ffmpeg -i 9Ch_orMore.WAV -filter_complex "[0:0][0:0]
>>> amix=inputs=2,pan=mono|c0=c0+c1" -ac 1 mono.wav
>>> gives on errors whatsoever, but output is silent.
>>> Is this a bug or user error?
>> User error, same as many typos you managed to make.
> Hi Paul, (my new best friend),
> We can continue in Dutch if you mind my typos. Would that be an option for you?
> Now, since you can be bothered to read trough the nonsense I write, can you also be bothered to give a slight indication on where my command line does work for files with <9 channels but fails when input files are >8 channels?
> Oh, don’t bother to be polite, I’m just trying to get the show on the road.

Hi Bouke,

Have you tried without the filter ?
I have not tried, but ffmpeg should then just mix everything.
I can't understand what you try to do with your filter…



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