[FFmpeg-user] ffmpeg dash demuxer support

Thomas Schmiedl thomas.schmiedl at web.de
Sat May 12 20:26:25 EEST 2018


I try to display a DASH-stream (this one: 
https://live.idnes.cz/slow/slowtv6_720p/manifest.mpd) via the 
xupnpd2-mediaserver (installed on the router) to my TV. xupnpd2 only 
supports HLS-streams.

My idea is to receive the DASH-stream in ffmpeg and 'save' it as 
HLS-stream in the xupnpd2's docroot (integrated http-server).

I tested with the ffmpeg git-version. When I use './configure 
--list-demuxers', there is 'dash' listed. A simple './configure' does 
not list 'dash' in the 'configure summary report' under 'Enabled demuxers'.

Is there an external lib required? I tested with Debian 9, 32-bit.

Thanks for your help and best regards,

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