[FFmpeg-user] ffmpeg http protocol question

asmall bthl21165 at 163.com
Sun May 13 06:48:38 EEST 2018

Hi all

I'm xianfei. I have some problems to ask for you help. 
I encode audio with ffmpeg. 
when I exec the command "ffmpeg -i ~/Downloads/1101_3c27ce48e0b31a7961f1e75281cfaf3d.f0.mp3 -af loudnorm=I=-16:TP=-1.5:LRA=11 -ar 48k -f mp3 out_file.mp3", the out_file.mp3 can play.
when i exec the command "ffmpeg -i ~/Downloads/1101_3c27ce48e0b31a7961f1e75281cfaf3d.f0.mp3 -af loudnorm=I=-16:TP=-1.5:LRA=11 -ar 48k -f mp3\?voice_id\=dddd" , the output file can not play.
I found two output files size is not same. the second of command output file is small. For example, the first command show "frame= 1 fps=0.4 q=-0.0 Lsize= 624kB time=00:00:48.62 bitrate= 105.1kbits/s speed=19.5x", but the second command show "frame= 1 fps=0.5 q=-0.0 Lsize= 623kB time=00:00:48.62 bitrate= 105.0kbits/s speed=21.9x". So the second output file is bad.
But, at present, only this one is bad, other audio is ok. My http server is right, because so much audio files are ok.
I don't know something is wrong. I hope you can help me.
The source audio file is "1101_3c27ce48e0b31a7961f1e75281cfaf3d.f0.mp3" in the mail attachment.
the command exec result picture:

the audio file link


xianfei´Żťbthl21165 at 163.com

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