[FFmpeg-user] Http Listen Connection Drop

Nicolas George george at nsup.org
Mon May 14 17:42:25 EEST 2018

Moritz Barsnick (2018-05-14):
> May I interrupt this discussion and put forward the theory that the
> "listen" mode of ffmpeg's http protocol/muxer was not made for multiple
> connections? As far as I understand, it waits for one connection, and
> terminates once this connection is closed.

That is not the exact explanation but close enough.

The HTTP protocol can handle several connections, but it requires using
a specific API. The ffmpeg command-line tool does not use that API, and
therefore can only handle one connection.

It would be possible to create a muxer similar to the tee muxer capable
of streaming to several clients at once. But nobody wrote it yet.


  Nicolas George

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