[FFmpeg-user] Unable to execute FFMPEG command

Ravi Kumar ravi.k at brihaspatitech.com
Wed May 16 09:14:06 EEST 2018

Hello Team,

Hope you people are doing well.

Actually i am working on video app there is video call between two 
people using twillio. After their call finish i am taking videos and 
audios files from their room id and trying to merge all in a single 
mp4/webm file but leaving with synchronization issue. To solve that 
issue i have read a tutorial(URL : 
suggested by ffmpeg and implemented code but some of the commands are 
not working well. so if any one can help there is great appreciation.

We have implemented the new code. and final command that is created for 
merging videos is as below

ffmpeg -i /var/www/html/swipr/uploads/test/video1.mkv -i 
/var/www/html/swipr/uploads/test/video2.mkv -acodec libopus -i 
/var/www/html/swipr/uploads/test/audio1.mka -acodec libopus -i 
/var/www/html/swipr/uploads/test/audio2.mka -y -filter_complex " 
-map[video] \ -map[audio] \ -acodec libopus \ -vcodec libvpx \ output.webm

After trying above command with different scenarios we are getting 
following errors.

#1)[AVFilterGraph @ 0x67fef00] No such filter: ' '
Error initializing complex filters.
Invalid argument

#2)Unrecognized option 
Error splitting the argument list: Option not found

#3)Unrecognized option 'map[video]'.
Error splitting the argument list: Option not found

If we remove all the filters then we are getting a final output but that 
is not useful



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