[FFmpeg-user] ffmpeg and two (2) logitech 920 webcams

DopeLabs dopelabs at dubstep.fm
Tue May 22 13:59:51 EEST 2018

what is the output of

$ ffmpeg -list_devices true -f dshow -i dummy

if you have multiple entries of a webcam named "Logitech Cam", you can specify which using -video_device_number

the following would select the 2nd identical device (as numbers for devices start at 0)

$ ffmpeg -f dshow -video_device_number 1 -i video="Logitech Cam"

im also curious.. would this work? video="Logitech Cam#0"

(please include complete uncut console output)

running the latest version of ffmpeg?

> On May 19, 2018, at 3:34 17PM, Brenda Spinner <brendaspinner at gmail.com> wrote:
> I am using the following line to preview my webcam:
> ffmpeg -s 1280x720 -framerate 30 -pix_fmt yuv420p -rtbufsize 100MB -f dshow
> -i video="Logitech Cam#1" -c:v copy -an -f sdl "WebCAM Preview"
> this line works fine with cam #1, however when try it with cam #2, I get
> the error:
> [dshow @ 00000000002d8920] Could not set video options video=Logitech
> Cam#2: I/O error
> Can anyone tell me why this is happening. I would like to able to preview
> both webcams at the same time?
> Thanks, Frank
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