[FFmpeg-user] FFplay fails to play the initial few seconds of raw buffer

m.kamalasubha m.kamalasubha m.kamalasubha at gmail.com
Tue May 22 15:10:58 EEST 2018

Hello all,
I am trying to generate a video raw buffer from the .m3u8 file.
I have used the following commands to generate the raw buffer as well as to
view the raw buffer,
To generate raw buffer,
*ffmpeg -ss 00:00:05 -i https://mnmedias.api.telequebec.tv/m3u8/29880.m3u8
<https://mnmedias.api.telequebec.tv/m3u8/29880.m3u8> -s 640X360 -t 00:00:30
-map 0:0 -vcodec rawvideo -pix_fmt rgb24 -f rawvideo -an video.raw*
To view the generated one,
*ffplay -video_size 640X360 -framerate 29.97 -pixel_format rgb24 -f
rawvideo video.raw*

While playing a raw file, I could see that for initial 1 or 2 seconds,
frame stalls and for remaining seconds, it plays normally.

Why does it happen?  How to resolve the issue?


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