[FFmpeg-user] Play Pcap file and make ffmpeg capture the stream

Daniel Kucera ffmpeg at danman.eu
Wed May 30 08:58:41 EEST 2018


you can use tpcreplay to play the pcap in reatime and capture it with 
ffmpeg. For example like this:

# tcpreplay -i lo -l 0 lkv.pcap
# route add dev lo
% ffmpeg -i udp://@ out.mp4

But you need to setup your networking properly. What's the source and 
destination IP and port of your streams?

2018-05-30 07:43 odosielateľ napísal:
> Hi,
> I have pcap(decrypted rtp stream) files of 3-4 video stream.
> Can someone please guide me on how can i play it and make ffmpeg 
> capture
> the live stream and join/stitch them to get a single output file.
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