[FFmpeg-user] frame rate:24 or 24000/1001 for native movies

sean darcy seandarcy2 at gmail.com
Thu Nov 1 00:27:13 EET 2018

I've got a bunch of soft-telecined dvds. I'm trying to get them back to 
native format, 24fps.

ffmpeg -i input.vob -r [??????] output.mp4

All these vobs were originally theater movies, not TV productions. 
Therefore I assume they were all shot at 24 fps, that is 24000/1000. But 
all the examples I see have -r 24000/1001 , ~23.97. I can't imagine this 
will make any visual difference but I'm puzzled.

These vobs were shot at 24 fps, so shouldn't inverse telecine be:

ffmpeg -i in.vob -r 24 out.mp4 ?

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