[FFmpeg-user] frame rate:24 or 24000/1001 for native movies

Phil Rhodes phil_rhodes at rocketmail.com
Thu Nov 1 12:35:46 EET 2018

I'm not quite sure what you're describing as "plain wrong" but the facts are as follows:
- Feature films may be originated at either 24.00 or 23.976fps. Despite other comments in this thread it is common for features to be shot at the fractionally lower frame rate.
- Regardless of the origination rate, DVDs of feature films intended for traditionally-NTSC regions will be mastered in the expectation of 23.976fps playback. Force them to 24.00 and the sound will gradually go out of sync unless it's resampled.
Source: I have done this, for money, on feature films you can buy on DVD.

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2018-11-01 1:13 GMT+01:00, Phil Rhodes
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> Salient information:
> It would be unusual for an NTSC-oriented DVD containing a feature film to
> have anything other than either 23.976 or 24fps material on it.

While - as so often - this is plain wrong depending on the definition
of "unusual" - the question was exactly if it is 24 or 24000/1001 (I
don't think 23.976 is likely).

Please remember that top-posting is still considered rude here, Carl Eugen
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