[FFmpeg-user] can't reorder streams and concatenate vob's

Nicolas George george at nsup.org
Fri Nov 9 00:34:57 EET 2018

sean darcy (2018-11-08):
> Ok. So is it possible to concatenate 2 vob's where the audio and video don't
> have the same stream numbers ?

VOB do not have stream numbers (FFmpeg is inventing them on the fly), so
the question does not make any sense.

> for input in *.VOB ; do
>   ffmpeg -i $input -c copy  $(basename $input .VOB).[???]
>   echo $(basename $input .VOB).[???] >> concat.txt
> done
> ffmpeg -f concat -i concat.txt ..........    out.mp4
> Bigger question : is the concatenation problem here the stream numbers ?

In this instance, if the files are the ones you have shown earlier,
yes, the order in which FFmpeg detects the streams is the problem.

I suggest you read the documentation of the concat demuxer to the end,
the answer to your question is there.

Note that VOB files are also concatenable at the container level,
provided they do not contain extra junk at the beginning or the end (if
you got them directly from a DVD Video filesystem, they do and you
should NOT be using them directly).


  Nicolas George
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