[FFmpeg-user] Announcing fftrim - a utility to concatenate, trim and compress videos

Joel Roth joelz at pobox.com
Sun Nov 11 01:55:28 EET 2018

Hi Ffmpeg users,

I often need to trim clips out of MTS files. Ffmpeg can
trim and compress in a single pass. I've created this
wrapper that simplifies the syntax for doing so:

	fftrim --in some.mts --out some.mp4 --start 15 --end 4:45

When multiple source files are used as input, they are concatenated before trimming.

	fftrim --in '00001.MTS 00002.MTS' --out other.mp4 --start 15 --end 2-2:12 

The syntax 2-2:12 indicates a position 2:12 into the second file.

The batch mode is invoked like this:

	fftrim --source-dir raw --target-dir final

The processing is driven by a CONTROL file with each line
specifying a trim and compress operation. 

fftrim will merge ffmpeg options from $HOME/.fftrim/default.
The --profile option lets you choose other option files.

You can probably install fftrim in your terminal by typing:

	cpanm App::fftrim. 




I'll be interested in hearing how it goes.

Have fun! 


Joel Roth

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