[FFmpeg-user] setdar ratio - syntax

Ben Barker ben at bbarker.co.uk
Sun Nov 25 01:47:09 EET 2018

I have previously, and for some years, used the scale and setdar filters as

ffmpeg -i <some_file> -vf scale=352:288,setdar=352:288 <output_file>

In the example above, the dar would be set to the ratio 355/288, with the
setdar passed a ratio separated by a colon.

I built ffmpeg from git today, the first time in a while, and found that
the above no longer worked - with dar set to 1:288 instead, so looking very
odd when played!

Checking the man pages for the latest ffmpeg, the above is indeed no longer
correct - and following the man page guidance instead, using:

ffmpeg -i <some_file> -vf scale=352:288,setdar=ratio=352/288 <output_file>

Works fine. However, the top line /used/ to work fine as well. Does anybody
know when this changed?

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