[FFmpeg-user] How to use nvida GPU

hans gerte hansoggerte at gmail.com
Mon Nov 26 15:44:07 EET 2018

Hi, need some help. i read a lot of forums and googled it, but i got more
i have a Ubuntu 14.04 running ffmpeg 3.4 (From add-apt-repository
and now i just bought 2 Nvidia Quadro P5000.
the part that i don't know and need some help on is:
for it to work is it enough that i install the drivers Linux X64 v. 410.78 (
or do i also need to install the NVENC SDK 8.2
and do i need to build ffmpeg from scratch. and some guide tells that i
also need the CUDA Utillty.

so could some please help me out or even write me a step by step?

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