[FFmpeg-user] L-SMASH-WORKS and replacement for deprecated ffmpeg --enable-avresample

hydra3333 at gmail.com hydra3333 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 26 15:56:09 EET 2018

Hello.  I gather that when built from source, x264.exe can
- input various container formats if built with "lavf support" (from
- output various container formats if built with "L-SMASH support" (from
L-SMASH-WORKS) https://github.com/VFR-maniac/L-SMASH-Works 

eg from it's help:
Infile can be raw (in which case resolution is required),
  or YUV4MPEG (*.y4m),
  or Avisynth if compiled with support (yes).
  or libav* formats if compiled with lavf support (yes) or ffms support
Outfile type is selected by filename:
 .264 -> Raw bytestream
 .mkv -> Matroska
 .flv -> Flash Video
 .mp4 -> MP4 if compiled with GPAC or L-SMASH support (lsmash)
Output bit depth: 8/10

However, L-SMASH-WORKS depends on an ffmpeg lib built with
--enable-avresample and LSW fails to build without it.

Unfortunately, ffmpeg's --enable-avresample is deprecated ?

So ... 
what did ffmpweg replace --enable-avresample with 
and in your view would there be some possibility of being able to patch
L-SMASH-WORKS to use that instead ?

The scenario being considered is cross-compiling it all under Ubuntu to run
in Win10 x64 (it works).


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