[FFmpeg-user] What havens if ffmpeg runs out of memory?

Nick vincent at systemli.org
Thu Apr 4 01:52:18 EEST 2019

I started like 6 4k to dash(mp4) codings on a machine with around 34 GB 
RAM. In addition, after coding I used ffprobe to analyze them per frame. 
(everything parallel using docker instances)
At the end I have weird erros. Some chunks in the middle have 0byte.
The coding finished and the duration is correct.
When playing the playback continues while the video freezes. If you play 
a 0byte chunk ffmpeg says:

Invalid NAL unit 0, skipping
error while decoding MB 117 1, bystream -13
Invalid NAL unit size (-10... > 336779).

When calculating the ssim for this video, the value drops to 5.123...


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