[FFmpeg-user] How to "prettify" FFmpeg binary like the pre-compiled Windows build

Hashim Aziz hashaziz at hotmail.com
Fri Apr 5 01:52:30 EEST 2019


I managed to successfully compile a version of FFmpeg with a MinGW-w64 toolchain on Cygwin, but the resulting binary doesn't look as good as I'd like it to, especially compared with the pre-compiled builds for Windows offered by Zeranoe. Here's an image comparing the two (first run is the pre-compiled Zeranoe build, second is my own binary):


How did the compilers of this build manage to:

  1.  Remove all configuration options from the banner except the --enable-library options?

  1.  Append the date that the binary was compiled on after the GCC version?

I'm assuming these are options passed to GCC or the preprocessor that I'm unaware of, but maybe it's more involved than that.

Please note: I'm aware of the --no-banner switch but completely removing the banner is not what I'm after here.

Thanks in advance.
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