[FFmpeg-user] isn't this a moderated list?

James Northrup jim at vsiwest.com
Sat Apr 13 23:07:07 EEST 2019

James your response is an eye-opener, and bone-chilling.   "you should
simply stop helping users" is exactly the kind of thing SO is providing as
a service. an impartial clue-hammer and two strikes with a permanent burn
notice on all future technical conversations, stopping users in their
tracks and employing an army of volunteer thought police who level-up their
craft on maintaining a shared occam's internet.

I go to trac, and to this list in search of conversation, related
experiences, whatever might help production undertakings, help scope a
deployment, things not exactly related to a codec bug, and subject to
opinionated approaches.  then, before hell freezes over in the silence that
follows, I wind up googling for whatever's left over.

I think the only place I would expect to see a  "real-programmers" uucp era
text-mode rant is in fact an antiquated mail list like this one.  while I
downloaded my my first linux kernel distro over a kermit link I also use
native ubuntu on windows 10 from that evil empire that acquired github.

I'd rather see aggressive issue pruning and PR debates which will tend to
whittle down the redundancy of search results, over the immutable history
of pipermail archives each time someone asks the same question about RT*P.
when i go to a fancy oss repo site nowadays i start typing my problem in
the description and 9 times out of 10 find an answer in an issue that's
closed or ongoing, because i'm using a browser with javascript and ajax
updates suggesting map reduce inverted index results.

I'm sorry, as much as I hate the invasion of dunning-kruger enablements, I
think there's still a value in the larger scope to some of the trends.

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