[FFmpeg-user] How to deal long length of options on some arguments?

김민성 spongbob9876 at naver.com
Thu Dec 5 16:23:19 EET 2019

I am trying to set command like below:
ffmpeg -i in.mp4 \
-force_key_frames [very....many....checkpoints] \ 
-segment_times [very....many....checkpoints] \
-segment_list segmentlist.txt \
-f segment \
-reset_timestamps 1 \
out%03d.mp4 \
Current bottleneck is "[very...many...checkpoints]", which is possibly can be very long argument.
Using trim filter for splitting many segments is impossible. (ffmpeg runs out of memory, I think)
Therefore, I think I have to use segment muxer to split video non-uniformly.
But every OS have character limits for single command, which is vulnerable for people like me(who can potentially make 10,000+ segments).
How can I pass option "segment_times" and "force_key_frames" by file?
(If it's impossible, I can split video uniformly and cut again from those fragments anyway, but I would be happy if there is any direct straightforward way to handle this issue.)

Thanks for reading this.
Minsung Kim

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