[FFmpeg-user] Problem with configuring with yasm

Carl Eugen Hoyos ceffmpeg at gmail.com
Fri Dec 20 12:17:36 EET 2019

Am Fr., 20. Dez. 2019 um 11:08 Uhr schrieb Mahmood Naderan
<mahmood.nt at gmail.com>:

> On a system which I can not install package, I have built yasm from source
> as below:
> mahmood at fury0:/home/mahmood/yasm-1.3.0$ ls bin/
> vsyasm  yasm  ytasm
> mahmood at fury0:/home/mahmood/yasm-1.3.0$ ls lib
> libyasm.a
> mahmood at fury0:/home/mahmood/yasm-1.3.0$ ls include/
> libyasm  libyasm.h  libyasm-stdint.h
> Now, when I want to configure ffmpefg, I get an error that yasm is not
> found even though I have included extra paths.
> mahmood at fury0:/home/mahmood/ffmpeg$ ./configure --enable-cuda
> --enable-cuvid --enable-nvenc --enable-nonfree --enable-libnpp
> --extra-cflags=-I/home/mahmood/cuda-10.1.168/include,/home/mahmood/yasm-1.3.0/include
> --extra-ldflags=-L/home/mahmood/cuda-10.1.168/lib64,/home/mahmood/yasm-1.3.0/lib
> nasm/
> yasm not found or too old. Use --disable-x86asm for a crippled build.
> If you think configure made a mistake, make sure you are using the latest
> version from Git.  If the latest version fails, report the problem to the
> ffmpeg-user at ffmpeg.org mailing list or IRC #ffmpeg on irc.freenode.net.
> Include the log file "ffbuild/config.log" produced by configure as this
> will help
> solve the problem.
> How can I fix that? Is it safe to disable x86asm? I want to be sure that
> performance is not lost.

For future improvements, yasm will not work, consider switching to
nasm, but for nasm you absolutely need a current version.

Remove yasm/include from extra-cflags, remove yasm/lib from extra-ldflags
and use --x86asmexe=/home/mahmood/yasm-1.3.0/bin/yasm

But check $PATH, if it contains /home/mahmood/bin, you can copy
the executable there and you don't have to use --x86asmexe

Carl Eugen

(yasmexe still works for the time being)

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