[FFmpeg-user] Preserver PCR

Enrico Vittorini forforumita at outlook.com
Mon Dec 23 22:29:09 EET 2019

thanks for your reply.
With your tip things are better but sitll a difference. Now i have startime = 0.000657.
Do not understand where the little difference comes from.
do you have an idea?

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> If i analyze  the original first chunk i have a startime = 0.000884
> if i analyze the hls.ts i have a startime= 0.000667
> Do not understand why these values are not preserved. Any clue?

0.000884 looks like it comes from audio with 44.1kHz sample rate. 0.000667 probably comes from the video. See if not specifying 0 muxdelay or muxpreload makes a difference.

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