[FFmpeg-user] ffmpeg not seeing past junk in ogg files

Carl Eugen Hoyos ceffmpeg at gmail.com
Fri Dec 27 16:44:01 EET 2019

> Am 27.12.2019 um 15:16 schrieb Silent Strider <silent.strider at gmx.de>:

> I try to identify some music/sound files extracted from a game.
> I noticed, that ffmpeg/ffprobe do ignore junk at the beginning of mp3
> files (e.g. "Skipping 217 bytes of junk at 0"), but not on other, in
> my case ogg files.

mp3 is both an audio codec and a „raw“ format, meaning you can cut an mp3 file at any position and most media players will accept any part as a valid audio file.
There is no „raw“ vorbis format, the codec only exists within a container (like ogg).
Some containers like mpeg program and mpeg transport streams allow cutting (like mp3 streams). I am not sure if this is theoretically possible with ogg (it is for example not possible for avi, mov and mkv), but FFmpeg may not support random cuts for ogg, possibly because the FFmpeg developers were never big fans of the ogg format.

Carl Eugen

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