[FFmpeg-user] Meaning of ffprobe output

Carl Eugen Hoyos ceffmpeg at gmail.com
Sat Feb 2 00:25:01 EET 2019

2019-02-01 23:14 GMT+01:00, Ulf Zibis <Ulf.Zibis at gmx.de>:

> Am 31.01.19 um 13:48 schrieb Carl Eugen Hoyos:
>> DVD recorders can only produce interlaced files if the input
>> was interlaced, in this specific case, a file with progressive
>> content was produced (from progressive original).
>> (Above of course only applies to the content of the file,
>> not the encoding. But when talking about de-interlacing
>> and the idet filter, only the content is relevant.)
> So now I understand (hopefully). My main interest was is to know,
> if my video is _encoded_ interlaced or not, and I still don't know it :-(

Debugging mpegvideo.c shows the video is encoded interlaced.
(Which was practically certain as the encoder couldn't know that
your content is progressive.)

> If it is encoded interlaced, I can understand, that only a pair of
> lines can be cropped.

This is wrong, the output of the decoder is not different depending
on the used encoding method.

Carl Eugen

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