[FFmpeg-user] Meaning of ffprobe output

Carl Eugen Hoyos ceffmpeg at gmail.com
Sat Feb 2 19:38:18 EET 2019

2019-02-01 23:46 GMT+01:00, Ulf Zibis <Ulf.Zibis at gmx.de>:
> Am 30.01.19 um 15:08 schrieb Carl Eugen Hoyos:
>> Without interpolation, this is what all video players do if you disable
>> all de-interlacing.
>> The problem is what kind of "interpolation" you use, this is called
>> de-interlacing, an endless number of algorithms exist.
> OK, my understandig was, "de-interlacing" means to re-encode from
> interlaced to progressive _and_ do some interpolation or whatever stuff.

No, these are two completely independent operations, one of which
hast nothing to do with de-interlacing.

Carl Eugen

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