[FFmpeg-user] Clipping inputs -t position with concat video filter

Gyan ffmpeg at gyani.pro
Thu Feb 7 06:26:47 EET 2019

On 06-02-2019 11:05 PM, Christian Johannesen wrote:
>> In this case, you can also use the select filter since you're working on
>> one input.
>>       ffmpeg -y  -i countdownclock_720p2398_21min.mp4 -vf
>> "select='between(t,86.086,86.086+4.004)+between(t,1257.256,1257.256+4.004)',setpts=PTS-STARTPTS
>> ,format=yuv420p" t_after_input.mp4
> I had trouble with this example where my output file where between the
> first clip the next frame displays for over 19 minutes and then shows the
> second clip creating a file that is 19 minutes 35 seconds.
Sorry, setpts expr should be N/FR/TB, since your selected frames are 


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