[FFmpeg-user] dpx version 2 image sequence to ffv1 mkv

Carl Eugen Hoyos ceffmpeg at gmail.com
Mon Feb 11 14:19:07 EET 2019

2019-02-11 12:54 GMT+01:00, Christoph Bauer <c.bauer at filmverband-sachsen.de>:

> we have issues with wrapping a image sequence consisting
> of dpx version 2 pictures into ffv1 mkv. After unwrapping we
> get the images as dpx version 1 pictures. Is it because
> ffmpeg can't handle dpx version 2?

So your question is not if FFmpeg can be used to archive the
video of dpx version 2 to ffv1 but if FFmpeg can write dpx
version 2 files?

No, FFmpeg always writes version 1 dpx files.
Why do you want to output version 2 files? I would naively
have expected that they are less compatible (can be
decoded with less applications).

I don't know if you remember / were there:
I tried to explain at Nttw2 that FFmpeg is not a file archiver,
it is a transcoding tool, you can use it to archive video and
audio (but not files, only their content).

If you have the infrastructure to keep the dpx files (and
if you need them), you don't have to transcode them to
ffv1, if costs matter, I don't think there is a good reason
to keep the dpx files and there should be no reason to
ever recreate them.
(If you decide to keep them, FFmpeg allows you to
create a view copy which may be even more useful
than an ffv1 archive copy.)

Iirc, here is a tool by Jerome that does act like a file
archiving system for dpx files (and uses ffv1 internally).

Carl Eugen

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