[FFmpeg-user] What is option -level ?

Ted Park kumowoon1025 at gmail.com
Tue Feb 12 20:42:59 EET 2019

> But wouldn't it be useful to simply mention it's existence, syntax and
> general meaning?

Try searching for level on the page you linked, it is listed, along with syntax. I think its name is the only practical explanation of its meaning, as I mentioned, it can be completely different for each codec.  

> Additionally in the paragraphs of each codec the values
> and meanings could be documented or at least link to an external source.
> How it's determined, if the option is meant for the video or the audio
> codec and how to do, if a different level is wanted for each codec?

The thing is, if you need to produce output in a certain profile or level, more often than not you will know the constraints imposed or more likely, you don’t care/have no choice because it is mandated by the limitations in the consumer of the output. Also the tables & definitions for levels covers 7 pages for h264.

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