[FFmpeg-user] Video Dropouts Using Telecine Filter FFMpeg -i

John Hooper jandrewhooper at gmail.com
Wed Feb 13 20:42:18 EET 2019

Hello, first time posting to the list.  I had some trouble using the filter
'telecine' with ffmpeg using the following code:

*ffmpeg -i  /inputpath.mov -vf  telecine -vcodec  prores  -profile:v 3  -s
1920x1080 -acodec copy -map 0 /outputpath.mov*

Going from a ProRes422 HQ source. It seems to be adding some loud audio
static and video distortion for one frame duration on the exact same frame
each time, unsure how many parts are affected.  I have tried outputting
using the prores_ks codec and this corrected the problem in the parts where
it was noticed.  Does anyone have any idea why this may be occurring?

Thank you,

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